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About Me

About me

About me, Illze Erasmus

About me, Illze. Your uniqueness is your magic... My passion for art and creation, led me to study Fine Arts at the University of the Free State. Seeking more commercial value in my art career, I went on the complete my Honors degree in Information Design at the University of Pretoria. After completing my Honors, I founded Red Crayon Design in 2003 with a partner. Starting out as a children’s book illustrator, I later developed an interest in business identity design. Red Crayon became the preferred marketing agency for many clients, including Wild Coast Sun, Sun International, Boardwalk Casino, Sasol, Hemingways Casino, King Pie and Blacksteer. We also specialized in shop design and designed the logos, marketing material and interiors for Greek Easy, Thirst, Steakout, Golden Fry and Central Dublin and four shops in Zambia, namely Curry in a Hurry, My Asia and The Sweet Spot and Bakery Café. After 8 years Red Crayon and Wet Ink Printing decided to open a new company called Pixelbox Media. We became a multimedia, design and fine art printing studio. In 2010, I sold my shares to my business partner and started Indigostorm Design. My absolute passion is creativity and creation. I pride myself in offering design solutions that embody the vision and passion of the client for their business. I believe that every business has unique qualities that can make them stand out in their competitive environment. Through years of experience, I have become good at reading people and can easily get to a design solution that the business owner can identify with. All the time, striking a balance between giving the client what he/she envisions and ensuring that the solution works in their target market and has value and longevity as a brand in the corporate environment. My other passion and business is Forevermore Moments, where I love doing elopements and weddings- custom designed around the vision of the bridal couple.